Search Engine Optimization

There are different strategies when it comes to search engine optimization. These strategies include the type of words that people are using to locate information on the internet, how to include links to specific pages on different websites, and the way the information on a specific website is categorized. At Zia Web, we can help companies with the frontend and backend elements that constitute good search engine optimization.


With Google leading the charge, the way that companies are categorized and ranked on search engine result pages (SERP) has changed and will continue to change. Our SEO services will help you create the right set of keywords to use based on your market and the goal for your website. Then we will use those keywords within the different pages of your site to make sure search engine spiders properly categorize the pages. We will also help to make sure that the keywords are used in a way that will attract visitors that are looking for your products or services.

SEO is more than just keywords. It is important for companies to go beyond the basic strategy of keyword placement and percentage to obtain the rank your organization deserves. We can help you with the other elements of search engine optimization, such as HTML and CSS coding. We can make sure that your website has the proper title tags, meta-descriptions, and other backend elements that are necessary to help make sure that your website is visible to humans and Google algorithms.

SEO is an important element of a successful website that many businesses don’t understand and many so-called experts don’t use properly. We offer our clients the solutions that will help a company slowly build their reputation and exposure online to assist with search engine ranking.

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